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Triangles Of Scorpio’s Purple Pain || - Ritual.
  • Triangles Of Scorpio’s Purple Pain || - Ritual.

    || - “ Surround The Warrior Spirits With Prayers & Willpower Of Dark Catatonic Shadows ” ~ Metal Snake Virgo.


    || - Hello And Welcome To Olymperoth’s Coven. 


    || - The Triangles Of Purple Pain Ritual Will Attach Around Your Neck Spirits A Spiritual Rosary Of Shadows Made Of Raw Demonic Warriors Souls Willpower To Allow The One Who Will Choose To Wear It Proudly To Either Turn Down, Kills Or Make Fall Asleep Your Target’s Combative/Warrior/Attacking & Offensive Spirits, Allowing Thyself To Walk Towards Your Goals While Seeing Your Target’s In A Constant Weak Agonizing Victim State Of Catatonic Losses.