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“ Hail Satan/Daddy, Ave Satanas ” || - Satan + Lucifer Spirit Binding Ritual.
  • “ Hail Satan/Daddy, Ave Satanas ” || - Satan + Lucifer Spirit Binding Ritual.

    || - Hello And Welcome To Olymperoth’s Coven. 


    || - This is a Spirit Binding Ritual Which means That The Named Spirit(s) Is Going To Be Directly Bound to You or to the vessel of your choice ! 


    || - This Spirit Binding Ritual Is For Binding Father Satan And Lord Lucifer Themselves To You. I, Henry Have to firstly warn you that you must absolutely be sure of wanting this binding. If you have any questions about Father Satan And/Or Lord Lucifer, Please Firstly Contact Me/Us ! 


    || - We also will always bind Father Satan And Lord Lucifer On Command As We Highly Respect And Honor The Privilege That They Allow us to Bind Their Spirits To Whom Will Desire Their Immensely Supreme Helps On Their Path ! 


    || - After the Binding Process, You will be receiving An Email with a list on how to connect with Father Satan And Lord Lucifer, it will also include the arts of honoring them, giving them offerings, prayers, techniques and ways to directly call them either quickly or Slowly in effective and detailed ways. You will also benefit after the binding process of A Free online Ouija Board Session With us Where You will be able to ask us 6 Questions about Father Satan and Lord Lucifer ( In order to start the best relationship/connection with them ) ! 


    || - With Father Satan And Lord Lucifer, There is absolutely nothing that you cannot achieve in your life. ( The Greatest Wealth, Riches, Prosperity, Love, Sexual Pleasure. Beauty, Abundance, Healing, Seduction, Power, Complete Dominance, Protection, Safety Etc… ). 


    || - This Spirit Binding Is Absolutely Safe As Well, There is nothing that you should be afraid of, I/We Only Work for your greatest Wellness ! 


    || - Are you ready my Love ? 


    || - Here is A Well Defined, Simple But Completely Important List Of The Informations that you will have to send me to allow my Team and I, Henry to perform the Named Work for you : 


    Full Name.

    Birth Date.

    A picture of your face.

    A Picture/Photo of the palms of your Hands. 


    Nothing Less, Nothing More. 


    || - Accomplishments/Performing Time Of The Named Work : 1-12 Days Maximum !

    ( You of course have the possibility to tell us if there will be a specific day when you will want us to perform the work for you, there is absolutely No Problem With That ) !


    || - Here are Our Website Shop Contacts Options : 


    • Email : 


    Instagram : Olymperiel ( Henry♍ ).


    YouTube Channel : Olymperiel.

    Second YouTube Channel : Olymperoth.

    Third YouTube Channel : Olympea.


    First Website Shop : ( Representing the Light, Softer, Angelic Side Of Witchcraft and of our Works ).


    Second Website Shop : ( Workout/Sports related Spells and Rituals Works ).


    Third Website Shop :  ( Representing the Darker Side of Witchcraft and of our Works ).



    || - Feel Free to contact us if you have any questions or specific Requests.