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The Devil’s Chakras || - Ritual.
  • The Devil’s Chakras || - Ritual.

    || - Hello & Welcome To Olymperoth’s Coven.







    || - This Ritual Will Make You Obtain Full Manipulation & Control Over The Chakras Of Absolutely Anybody Else That You Desire Through Their Individuals Shadows Self & Ego.


    || - When Completely Manipulated Or Controlled, The Chakras Are The Primordial Manoeuvering Energies/Subjects That The Human Being Use In Question To Act, Answer, React, Do Absolutely Anything. The Chakras Are The Points That Influence Humans Beings The Most Vibrationally & Energetically.


    || - By Manipulating & Controlling Absolutely All The Chakras Of Your Target(s), You will Completely Manipulate & Control This/These Target(s) Of Yours And This Is What This Ritual Basically/Precisely Does. 


    || - For Example : 


    • Root Chakra : When Manipulated Or Controlled, You Can Use It To Determine The Safety Of Your Targets To Deadly To Absolutely Safe Etc… ( It’s All About Your Choice ).


    • Heart Chakra : When Manipulated Or Controlled, You Can Use It To Determine, Use, Manipulate, Control The Feelings, Love, Passion That Your Target(s) Has For His/Her Inner And Outer World And For You/Others As Well.


    • Solar Plexus Chakra : When Manipulated, You Can Control, Use, Direct Any Of Your Positive Or Negative Thoughts Into Your Targets, Also Can Remain Used To Manipulate The Entire Self Love, Confidence, Respect, Carefulness, Personality, Reactions Etc… Of Your Targets.


    • Sacral Chakra : When Manipulated, You Will Control The Whole Sexual Self/Energies/Life/Tastes Of Your Targets Etc….


    • Throat Chakra : When Manipulated, You Will Be Able To Manipulate And Control The Words That Others Say, Or Have Said In Order To Make It Have Your Desired Effects Towards You, Others Or This Person Itself Etc….


    • Third Eye Chakra : When Manipulated, It Will Unlock All Defenses That Others Have Around, Inside Or Within Their Chakras To Allow Your Manipulation & Control To Work Effortlessly.







    || - Are You Ready My Dear ? 






    || - Here is A Well Defined, Simple But Completely Important List Of The Informations that you will have to send me to allow my Team and I, Henry to perform the Named Work for you : 


    Full Name.

    Birth Date.

    A picture of your face.

    A Picture/Photo of the palms of your Hands. 


    Nothing Less, Nothing More. 


    || - Accomplishments/Performing Time Of The Named Work : 1-12 Days Maximum !

    ( You of course have the possibility to tell us if there will be a specific day when you will want us to perform the work for you, there is absolutely No Problem With That ) !


    || - Here are Our Website Shop Contacts Options : 


    • Email : 


    Instagram : Olymperiel ( Henry♍ ).


    YouTube Channel : Olymperiel.

    Second YouTube Channel : Olymperoth.

    Third YouTube Channel : Olympea.


    First Website Shop : ( Representing the Light, Softer, Angelic Side Of Witchcraft and of our Works ).


    Second Website Shop : ( Workout/Sports related Spells and Rituals Works ).


    Third Website Shop : ( Representing the Darker Side of Witchcraft and of our Works ).



    || - Feel Free to contact us if you have any questions or specific Requests.